by Annelie

Your spiritual connection to your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels & Relatives in Spirit

By having a spiritual guide drawing it enables a strengthening of the connection allowing a stronger discourse with those enlightened beings.

Your portrait of your guardian angel / healing guide / teacher / friend / relative and so on, gives you proof that you are not alone and they are there to help and support you on your journey of personal growth, wisdom and understanding .......

Each drawing is unique to you. The spiritual guide that comes forward is the one chosen by your group of spiritual guides as the one that would be best at this moment and time...

Your spiritual portrait is a living energy, they smile, they look at you, the drawing changes.......

Please visit the gallery for examples of

Spiritual Guide Drawings.

My spiritual guides and I have been drawing pastel portraits for over 25 years.

I do not see the spiritual being that comes forward, the spiritual energy drawing evolves colour by colour until it is completed.

I feel that I am very blessed with my gift and it is a privilege to be able to bring these beautiful spiritual beings forward so that everyone is able to connect to ’those other dimensions’ and their own spiritual friends.

The pastel drawing size is 38cms x 55cms (15ins x 21 5/8ins). To complete a guide drawing I require a photo of yourself or alternatively, I draw with you in person.

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